RingPlus Device Check Tool

Already own an inactive Sprint device and want to use it with RingPlus?

Check Your Existing Sprint Device

iPhone: Tap Settings > General > About to see your device's serial number, IMEI/MEID, and ICCID.

General: The MEID/IMEI or ESN is usually located on the phone box, or under the battery . We accept both HEX or DEC.

Note: Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile devices that have been active for less than 12 months may encounter difficulties activating once registered with RingPlus.

Please contact Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile support to be sure your device is properly unlocked to guarantee a smooth and easy activation.

Need to Buy A Phone?

We'd love to help you get a phone! Here are a few steps to make it a seamless experience.

  1. Purchase a phone at the RingPlus Store
  2. If going in person to an Apple Store or any independent retailer, print out this letter to help the retailer ensure the device you buy works with RingPlus.
  3. Come back and sign up!

Device Limitations

RingPlus is currently unavailable to activate or support the following types of devices:

  • Palm
  • Blackberry
  • Push-to-Talk
  • Flashed Devices
  • Rooted Devices

All other devices are subject to carrier-enforced eligbility requirements. If you have any issues registering your device, please contact your current provider to assure that your device is eligable for transfer.